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Why Do You Need to Hire Licensed Level 2 Electrician?

Today, from households to business spaces, electricity has become an integral part of our daily life. Be it for our personal gadgets or our commercial equipment, we depend on electricity at every step.

Power failure can create many problems; interrupting our supply of electricity to our equipment and devices. If you want to solve this issue, you should not leave them to amateurs or electricians who are not qualified to do the work. What you need is an experienced and qualified level 2 electrician hawkesbury to solve the toughest power issues urgently and efficiently.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

Sirrom Electrical is a level 2 service provider. This means that our team has passed the qualifications issued by the Department of Energy in NSW for such. The qualification allows electricians in Sydney to perform installations, repairs and maintenance jobs on the electricity providers distribution network for a quicker and more efficient electrical service.

Some of the services that Level 2 Electricians Sydney can provide:

  • Meter installation
  • Private upgrades of your power supply
  • Upgrade from single-phase to three-phase power
  • Underground and overhead power supply to homes and businesses
  • Disconnection and reconnection to the power supply

What Can a Level 2 Electrician Do?

Installing Electricity Metering Equipment

When you need to install new metering equipment to replace an old one or for your new home, you need to call an electrician hawkesbury. Don’t call just any electrician though! Make sure that they have a level 2 certification. Only level 2 electricians are authorised by electrical providers to install the necessary metering equipment.

Installing Overhead Electricity Cables

Installing transmission lines over a long-distance call for an authorised level 2 electrician. This measure is implemented to prevent hazardous power issues. Only a level 2 electrician has the knowledge and expertise to verify the quality of the cables to be used before installing them. Because a massive amount of energy is transmitted from the power plants to the distribution hubs, these cables are not of the same specifications as the ones that are used locally.

Extension and Upgrades of the Capacity of Electrical Systems

Whether in domestic or commercial properties, electrical upgrades and extension works are often needed to support more devices, tools, and appliances. Your present electrical system may not be strong enough for the power flow and may result in circuit overload. A Level 2 electrician Sydney can check and upgrade your system. Some, like Sirrom Electrical, even offer 24/7 electrical services.

Installing Electric Meter Box

Electric meters should be durable and resistant to dust, heat, and moisture. Hence, you should only buy them from an authorized service provider else it may compromise the security and durability of your power system. Installing an external electrical meter can also increase savings, decrease energy consumption and cost, and improve its accuracy. Repairing a damaged meter should be done only by a Level 2 electrician.

If you need the best level 2 electrician in Hawkesbury to do your electrical tasks, trust Sirrom Electrical. They are the experts at specialised electrical services like interfacing electricity and more.