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First thing in the morning when you climb out of your bed, there is nothing more likely to wake you up than an icy cold floor against your warm feet. It has been proven by the CSIRO that if your feet are cold, than you are cold. Therefore tiles, with their reputation of being cold underfoot, have been traditionally saved for essential areas only.

​But now, with the invention of Under Tile Heating, you can enjoy the durability and aesthetic appeal of a tile floor, without the chill factor. It is flexible and can be incorporated into any type of room, regardless of size, and is thermostatically controlled for your convenience.

Although considered luxurious, Under Tile Heating, is 100% energy efficient and is relatively cost effective to install and run. In larger installations we take advantage of off-peak electricity where available.

​Under Tile Heating

​To provide warmth and comfort for your family on those cold winter mornings call us on 0418 968 783 for an obligation free quote.

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