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Hot Water Repairs Hawkesbury, Blacktown & Sydney Surrounding Areas

There is perhaps nothing worse than starting your mornings with an icy cold shower. Don’t deny yourself the simple pleasures of life! If your hot water heater has malfunctioned, allow Sirrom Electrical to fix it for you.

Water heaters related issues can be complex, and you may not have the necessary tools or skills to fix them yourself. Trying to repair hot water heaters yourself can also be quite dangerous is not done right. It would be best to let experts take over. We handle every job according to the highest standards of professionalism. After the job is done, our specialists make sure no mess is left behind.

Instead of going through the inconvenience of finding an electrician and plumber for hot water system installation and repair, Sirrom Electrical offers both under one roof.

As you know, our client’s needs are our priority. When installing a hot water system you will not only need the services of an electrician, you will also need a great plumber. To simplify the installation process for you, we have joined forces with GC Plumbing, a like-minded, fully qualified plumber to provide a complete hot water repairs and installation services in Sydney.

​Whether it be for your home or your business, we can supply and install a hot water system that is right for you. Save time and money by minimising the potential for a faulty installation and reduce the hassle of working with multiple tradesman. Our service is complete and ready for you.

Hot Water System Repairs & Service In Sydney

​Sirrom electrical will repair any type of hot water system the same day. We can replace your old hot water system if required normally on the same day. All hot water tanks come with a 10 year warranty excluding the hot water element and thermostat. Sirrom electrical has been servicing hot water systems in the hawkesbury for 25 years. We can relocate your existing hot water system if need be. It is advisable all systems be outside. Mounted on a concrete pad so the system is protected from water rusting out the bottom of the tank. We can provide off peak metering through your energy provider if need be. Heat pump systems are a very efficient and economical way to provide your hot water. Don’t hesitate to call Sirrom Electrical for all your hot water needs.

​We can also provide:

  • Off peak metering to increase cost and energy effieciency
  • An element and thermostat replacement breakdown service

Contact Sirrom Electrical for Hot water repair in Sydney with 100% Work Satisfaction.


Just call us on 0418 968 783 to find out more.

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