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House Service

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A house is a building, a home is where you feel safe and secure, comfortable in your own surroundings. Somewhere, you can relax and enjoy the people that you love. At Sirrom Electrical, we aim to make your space warm and appealing, but most importantly, a safe haven for you to raise your family.

Here are some of the services we provide for your new or established home, renovation or extension.

  • Home re-wiring or repair
  • Installation of cabling and lighting
  • Outdoor lighting and security
  • Computer utlets and Data points
  • Safety Switches and smoke Alarms
  • Lighting Storm Protection
  • Installation of appliances including fans, kitchen equipment & TV outlets
  • Hot Water Services
  • Under Tile Heating
  • Home office connections including Data and Telephone
  • Meterbox upgrades
  • Temporary builders electrical supply